Plus individuals assisted


Percent better engagement and focus when learning fundamentals of meditation inside Virtual Reality with VR doing the heavy lifting and providing a subconscious point of focus that allows participants to let go naturally


Percent more emotionally connected to content inside VR when compared to classroom learners. Anxiety is radically reduced and often temporarily alleviated, which carries into day-to-day life. 


Meditation tracks...
Brent IAm takes 25-years of sound teachings and is giving away his professional guided meditations for free so that you may embrace a deeper stillness and peace in your life.

No signing up - no exchange - simply free for you to transform your life...

The moment I walked out of Virtual Reality (VR), I felt like a huge grey cloud was lifted over me that I didn’t even know was there…

Being in the VR world with Brent felt like the real world. Brent guided me through everything & opened my awareness to live in the great Divine.

Roman Testa - Melbourne

There is a light that shines through him

My intuitive reading/healing session with Brent has left me feeling lighter and more at peace. That "stuck" feeling was lifted from me. 

Daniela Callan
Washington, USA

Do Virtual Reality and spirituality work together??? Yes!

This experience just transported me for forty minutes on an adventure to a serene place that was out of this world. Brent guided me through my first time using Virtual Reality technology and made it a breeze to use and navigate around the virtual Shangri-La.

Sandy Johnston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brent is a very talented person who oozes spirituality and his energy is so calming.

This treatment inside Virtual Reality was such a unique and wonderful experience. Whilst having my session with Brent I felt safe & secure. This was a surreal but exhilarating experience that has left me with clarity and an inner peace that I haven't felt for a long time.

Sue Evans
Retired former owner of Angels and Wings
Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia